Environmental Care


Clearing JobWe manage our business to minimise our impact on the environment both where we work and in the wider context. 


Tree Arisings

ArisingsWe take great care to avoid tree arisings being consigned to landfill where they would contribute to the greenhouse gas problem.  Any timber which has a potential value is sold or used in community projects, for example providing benches for school playgrounds.  We have a variety of markets from the occasional piece of timber suitable for joinery, play materials for animals at local zoos, to the more common uses such as firewood and fencing materials.

What cannot be sold as timber (generally the small dimension material) is chipped.  These chips are then used for compost or supplied to horticultural, equestrian and wood energy markets.


Birds NestBiodegradable Oils

We use biodegradable oil in our chainsaws to lubricate the chainsaws.  This oil is manufactured from plants and breaks down naturally without harm to the environment.

Residents in Trees

Our staff assess all trees before operations commence to identify bat roosts, bird nesting sites and even honey bee hives.


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